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Autumn Term

Here is a link that will direct you to Spelling Shed. We would highly recommend you and your child to login (the details are at the front of your child's reading journal) to Spelling Shed and pay a few of the games that are on the website. There are spelling challenges that are set for each Year Group and they will change weekly. Children get the chance to earn points and compete against other Year Groups on a leader board. The spellings will usually relate to your child's spellings, however they may sometimes be given a certain sound or certain words to practise. Have fun and see what you think!
In Year 1, Maths homework is not set as compulsory homework. However, Repton Primary School have been given access to this exciting, online resource that provides age related maths challenges to your child. Mathletics is a brilliant resource that has activities and games that directly relate to the maths that Repton Primary School teaches. Below is a link to Mathletics. Your child has a login and username that is in the front of the Reading Journal. I have set some specific challenges for children to have a go that relate to this week's learning. Have fun and see what you think!

Autumn 1 - Topic Project Homework

Autumn Term 2 - Topic Project Homework - Conquerors

The topic project hand in date is the 18th December.


We welcome you to come see the projects on the 19th December at 2:45pm. 


We look forward to seeing you then!