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Autumn Term Project


Autumn 2018 Homework Project


We have outlined below the details of the Year 3 homework project about Jobs and Professions. If children could please bring in their completed projects the week before Christmas; they can share them with the rest of the class throughout that week and then with parents at our Careers fair open afternoon.

Please complete at least 4 of the following tasks.

There are house points and certificates for good effort.


  • Artist-Find out about a famous artist to produce a fact sheet. Include writing and drawings or photographs.
  • Ecologist- Make a poster to encourage people not to use plastics and or to recycle.
  • Forester/Farmer- Make a poster of the Countryside Code.
  • Plant Researcher- Plant some bulbs in a pot. Take photographs or make drawings to go alongside a set of instructions.
  • Town Planner- Make a game involving building houses, shops, factories, roads, parks etc. Write the instructions to go with the game.
  • Designer/Engineer- Design and make a model of a car for the future. Include lots of labels explaining the special features.
  • Author/Illustrator- Write and illustrate a book containing a story you created. It could be the new best seller!
  • Architect/ Construction worker- Design and build a model of your dream house.
  • Prime Minister- What new laws would you introduce to make this a better country to live in.?

If you have any problems or concerns at any time please feel free to discuss these with us. We are generally available for a quick chat at home time.


Have lots of fun!


Mrs Walters and Mrs Scott-Barrett