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Reading comprehension


Please read the story about Lucy and the Leprechaun. The texts are differentiated but we would recommend 2 stars for Year 3 and 3 stars for Year 4. The text then has a some questions on the following pages to complete. If you would just like to write the answers down rather than printing then that it is perfectly fine, or even do it verbally. The answers are also on the following page so you can check how you got on! 


Grammar - present perfect and simple past


A quick recap on present perfect and simple past tenses. Use the powerpoint to go through examples and what each tense's characteristics are. 


There are two activities within the PDF document, one where you identify the present perfect form (this could be done as a quick 5 minute activity) and then there is an activity lower down which will ask you to turn the verb into simple past and present perfect. These are differentiated by stars again so please choose accordingly. Again we would recommend 1/2 stars for Year 3 and 2/3 stars for Year 4.

Grammar - Recognising the simple perfect tense


A follow up activity to what they did yesterday. Children need to read the sentences and identify where the present perfect tense has been used. Please feel free to look at the powerpoint from Tuesday to recap and refresh what the tense uses. 

English - Model text and toolkit


For the next few weeks the English will be focusing on the features of a recount. I have attached the model text and the toolkit (the children should know what to do). Read the model text together and discuss the vocabulary and style used. Then use the toolkit and try to locate these in the text. We underline them in class but if that is hard to do due to technological reasons then there are 2 options. 


1: Write out the toolkit and then copy 1 -3 examples.

2: Use the answer sheet and get the children to identify what each colour represents. 


I have attached answer sheet where lots (not all) examples have been highlighted and I've also attached some posters to recap conjunctions and fronted adverbials. If you have any questions please email your class email. 



English - creative writing


Write a recount of what you have done so far this week. Can you use the toolkit to improve your sentences? 


Bonus challenge: Can you include the present perfect tense?


If you can, send these in to your class email and your teachers would love to read them!