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Your task today is to plan a Spring Party.  This can be for any particular occasion you like: an Easter Sunday party, a Spring barbeque, a Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea Party, it is up to you.  Let your menu follow the theme you have created.  What drinks will you serve with your food, what courses will you have, where might you have your party?  You might even like to make a poster for your party.   

Above are some Food related borders that you might like to put your party plan on, you don't have to use these though.  

Easter Egg Mystery

Your task today is to write a story about an Easter Egg hunt that goes wrong. Maybe somebody moves the eggs, the eggs melt, an animal eats them! Remember to set the scene first and describe your characters. Does the hunt go well to start with? How do you discover the problem? How do you solve the problem? What happens to the characters and the eggs in the end? Have some fun with your ideas!


Challenge: Could you include speech, paragraphs and an ellipsis in your story?  How are you going to make it mysterious and leave your reader in suspense wondering what is going to happen next? 


Above are some Easter themed borders, you can use these if you want but you don't have to.