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This weeks English work focuses on Newspaper reports.  
Todays task is to complete this Spelling mat.  If you need any extra help remember to refer to your Spelling shed list.  You could also use a Dictionary to help you.  Remember you don't have to print of the sheet, you can just do it straight onto paper. 
Today's task is a Comprehension.  Can you read the Newspaper article about the Anniversary of the Moon Landing and answer questions about it?  There are 3 different levels in the pack, we would normally give the 2 star activity to children in Year 3 and the 3 star activity to children in Year 4.  
Today we are going to look at the features of a Newspaper Report.  The Powerpoint describes the different sections of a Newspaper article and how it is created.  Once you have looked through this you can look at the analysis of a Newspaper report activity.  Can you  then find the different features and highlight them? 

Your task today is to create the content for the Newspaper Article you are going to plan and write tomorrow.  Create a scene that could appear in a Newspaper article, take some photos for your article (and to send to us! :)).

Remember the 4 W's:

Who - is involved in your article,

When - does it happen, 

Where - has it happened,

Why - has it happened?


Examples - Stone Age horde discovered in a Repton back garden! 

World Record for running around a garden is beaten!


Once you have created your scene can you complete your plan?  






Today you are going to write your Newspaper article.  Look back at the Powerpoint from Wednesday, think about the different sections of a Newspaper to help you.  


You should include:

  • A snazzy headline, see if you can include a pun or alliteration,
  • Captions for your pictures, 
  • Brackets for extra information,
  • Reported speech.


Challenge: Can you edit and improve your work?