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Today's task is to complete this Spelling mat.  If you need any extra help remember to refer to your Spelling shed list.  You could also use a Dictionary to help you.  Remember you don't have to print off the sheet, you can just do it straight onto paper. 

Today's task is a Comprehension.  Can you read the text and answer questions about it?  There are 3 different levels in the pack, we would normally give the least or middle difficulty activity to children in Year 3 and the middle or most difficult activity to children in Year 4. Please pick the one you feel is best.

Today's activity is using direct and indirect speech. Watch and talk about the power point then complete the worksheet. We would usually give year 3 children the 1 or 2 star activity and year 4 the 2 or 3 star activity. You chose which is best. You could do this on paper if you wanted to.

Thursday and Friday

Over these 2 days we would like you to continue your writing of your newspaper article from last week. When you have written a paragraph, use your tool kit mark sheet to help you to check and edit your writing to make it as good as you possibly can. Then continue to the next paragraph until you have finished. If you have made lots of corrections you may want to write out your work in best and add pictures. You could type it on the computer if you wanted.

Have fun!