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This week we are learning all about snails.


There are several activities you can do about snails.  Throughout the week please choose from the following activities:


What do you already know about snails?

Read the powerpoint about snail facts.

Write a snail fact file.  You can write some facts one day and more facts on another day. You can use the sheet provided or you can make your own.



Look at the websites below all about snails.  Please supervise children closely when using the internet.


What else have you learned?

Some questions you might want to consider:

How long do snails live?

What do snails eat?

How do snails find food?

What do snails do when they are frightened?

What creatures like to eat snails?

How do snails move along so well?


Draw and label a snail

Phonics Activities 


Please play phonics games.  You can choose any from the selection we have chosen from the past few weeks,  You can find phonics games at the Phonics Play website below:

Username: march20

Password: home


You can also complete any of the activities on the sheets attached in the resources section below.