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ReptonPrimary School


Fri 17th June

This week the children have completed their Bike ability course. The children all did very well with this and enjoyed their time on the bikes. We have also started practising the play in the hall this week as we now have the stage up.  It is coming along nicely and we have just requested that the children take note of the stage directions near their parts so they are aware  of what they need to do.


We have completed our maths work on the bakery this week, which the children all enjoyed, we have also done some work on negative numbers towards the end of the week, which the children were very successful with.


We have also written some poems this week based on a tiger. We collected lots of great ideas and phrases over the week and have written some fantastic poems. We were really impressed with these and all of the figurative language used to enhance our poems.


We are continuing working on our science, RE and PSHE topics, and the children are really enjoying Rounder’s with the sports coach.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.