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ReptonPrimary School


Fri 6th May

This week has been a great week.  Thank you to all the children for trying hard, especially with the extra maths that we have been doing. The children have worked so hard and we are very proud of them.


We have completed our English topic today with our final story and the children have worked very well together editing and improving their work. 


We have also completed our Maths topic of angles. Our final lesson was on nets of 3D shapes, we did quite a lot of hands on work today drawing nets and making them to check our answers.


Next week is an important week, we have told the children that they just need to do their best and they have all worked so hard.  We look forward to welcoming you to breakfast club at 8:15 to those that have sent a reply.  Here is a reminder of the order of the papers for next week.


Monday- Spelling, punctuation and Grammar (45 mins + spelling test)

Tuesday- Reading (1 hour)

Wednesday- Maths Paper 1 (arithmetic, 30mins) and Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning 40 mins)

Thursday- Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning 40 mins)

Friday- No tests!


We will be doing fun revision activities in the afternoon and a nice relaxed fun day on Friday!

We hope you have a good weekend and everyone gets lots of rest.


The Ravens Team