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Our Bushcraft Adventure

Our Bushcraft Adventure


Well, what two days we have had.  Once we arrived at Bougton Woods we were greeted by our camp leader Gizmo, and our tribe leaders Ocean, Daisy and Harris.  They took us to our camp where we played some games and explored where we were staying.  After that we took a walk to Camp Kitchen where we had a lovely vegetable pasta.  After singing some songs we all made the walk back to our camp where we split off into our tribes.  We were then given the task to create shelters from tarpaulin, a length of rope and the branches and foliage around us.  We all had great fun trying to create the most elaborate shelters and then selling them to Gizmo at the end.  We had gardens, dining tables, living rooms and even televisions!


After this, we unpacked our bags into our tents and had a snack.  Just as it started to rain for the first time that day we began to make our fires! Very ironic.  However, each tribe managed to light a fire successfully.  Burgers were cooked for us in our yurt while we played the stick game, (Clue! No one can play the stick game!).  These were then accompanied by corn on the cob and tortilla chips! After our filling and warm dinner we had a story around the camp fire and then settled into our tents.  Where not much sleep was had!

Day two saw us wake up bright and early! Thankfully the rain had stopped and it was lovely and sunny.  We packed up our tents and made sure we had left nothing behind!!!! Then walked up to camp kitchen for our breakfast.  We were greeted by the lovely delight of sausages, cubed potatoes and beans.  A very hearty breakfast indeed!


After walking back to camp we played some more games and then developed our knife skills by carving pencils from sticks that had been found on our camp.  We also created Bushcraft bracelets out of paracord. 


Our final activity before a lunch of wraps was creating mini shelters to keep a marshmallow dry.  There was lots of various ideas to shelter the marshmallow, including wrapping, using sticks to cover them and covering them grass.  To varying degrees of success. We were presented with our very own giant pencil to take back to school to commemorate our trip, as well as a huge bag of biscuits and marshmallows. 


We were definitely very tired and grubby but we all had a wonderful two days!