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We are very fortunate to have trainee coaches from Burton & South Derbyshire College to come in to teach Year 1 fundamental PE skills every Friday morning. Therefore we will be doing PE on the following days;

  • Tuesdays from 2-3.
  • Fridays from 9:30-10:30.

Please can your child bring adequate footwear for both indoor and outdoor activities. As the weather is getting colder as well, we ask that you provide your child with a PE jumper that they can wear over their PE tops. Thank you. 


We have been very fortunate to have coaches from South Derbyshire come in on Friday to teach gymnastics to our children. The children did a 'rock-paper-scissors' warm up. They then practised their balances and travelling by working in pairs to come up with a routine. Below are a few pictures taken of some of their routines.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4



This week, we have been working on our catching and throwing skills again with Miss Port. The children got into teams and played competitively against each other to try and throw their ball into a hoop to achieve points. The children really enjoyed it!

Team Games

Team Games 1
Team Games 2
Team Games 3
Team Games 4
Team Games 5



This week, the children worked on creating their own ball games in teams. The children could only use 4 pieces of equipment to create their game and worked in groups of 3. They had to create their own rules and their own point system. The children really enjoyed the PE lesson and they got to try each other's games. Some even preferred other people's games to their own!



Ball Skills

Ball Skills 1
Ball Skills 2
Ball Skills 3
Ball Skills 4
Ball Skills 5



This week with Miss Port, we have been working on practicing bowling and catching. The children worked with using tennis balls to hit objects in a line, to roll a ball to a partner and practiced using croquet bats to hit balls too. 


The children really enjoyed the session and here are a few pictures to show what we have been doing. 


In PE this week, we have had Miss Port come in and teach some catching and coordination games with bean bags. Children were learning skills on how to carry a bean bag in different positions, balancing the bean bag on their head, and chucking their bean bag into hoops during a team game.