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If you can, practise reading these set of real and 'nonsense' words with your child. Get the child to use their sounds to sound and blend the unfamiliar nonsense words and unfamiliar real words. If you can, practise these regularly so your child can develop their decoding skills and recall of known graphemes. At the end of the 40 words, go through the ones that the children may have sounded incorrectly and try again tomorrow. It's all good practise! You could even take it in turns to read one word at a time!


Challenge: Can your child read all 40 words correctly in under 2 minutes? Can your child read the word instantly if you mix the words up and point at a word at random?

I have recently added this section to the "Phonics & Reading" section as some children may find that the weekly phonics activities are easy. In these pages I have attached some optional reading comprehensions. The comprehensions contain a piece of text and some questions.  I will attach 3 reading comprehensions a week if you and your child wish to have a go at them.

Email how you've been getting on with the reading and phonics tasks to our email address


We would love to see which phonemes you have been conquering!


The Year 1 Hedgehog Team