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New anuary 2019 Schools Out Club at Repton Primary School!

Dear Parents, Carer/s and Children of Repton Primary School,

Schools Out Club would like to say a big Hello to everyone and introduce ourselves as your school’s new After School Club!


About us:

We have been running extended school provisions for 17 years and currently have two very successful and popular Breakfasts, After School Clubs and 1 Holiday Club which has provided a valued service to the local community since 2002. We are OFSTED registered and over our history have always achieved high standards in our inspections including achieving Outstanding at the Allestree Breakfast and After School Club.

Our mission statement is to ensure every child we care for feels like a valued member of our club. We want children to have fun and help create lots of happy childhood memories. Our Club helps children grow into confident, independent and accountable individuals through the positive and safe environment we create with the children. We recognise all children are unique and we strive to provide as many opportunities as possible whilst at the club for them to develop their interests, opinions and talents.  We work closely with all individuals and professionals to support children in their lives. We are committed to the promotion of equality in our settings which is reflected through every part of our working setting.


Repton Primary’s service:

The After-School Club service will collect children from their classrooms and escort them safely to our After-School Club area in the hall. Once returned to our area we provide children with a relaxed environment where they can freely choose activities to participate in and toys to and play with.

We promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging and offering children a snack tea which is served with fresh fruit and vegetables each day. We will be offering beans/spaghetti on toast, crackers, pasta and sauce, crackers and the children’s choice at our other settings…pizza and hot dogs!


We offer a wide range of toys and play opportunities around the hall and each area is designed to provide toys for both girls and boys enabling them to interact collectively together. The mats and tables contain many areas where children can build such as Lego, Magnetex and KNEX which is significant for a child’s development mathematically. Additionally, we have out Barbies and army men, fairy castle house and pirate’s and knights, farm set and cars and garage.  Each night we also have different role play area’s set up including our home area, hair dressers and doctors and vets.   


Additionally, we either provide a colouring and drawing table each day or an alternate such as play dough, painting table or black paper and chalk, allowing children to use their creative skills imaginatively and improve on their fine and gross motor skills.


As School’s Out Club recognises the vast difference in age range that we serve therefore we offer play opportunities, activities and resources which interest and stimulate them and their needs appropriate to their age. Additionally, we have a football table, Wii’s and homework area available.


We have an office that is open full time planning our monthly activities to ensure these are fun, stimulating and exciting each night. The activities focus on developing their learning further from their schooling in an enjoyable way. We aim to provide the highest standard of care for the children and encourage learning in all areas of their development. These activities are planned to take into consideration the children’s ideas and interests, festivals, school topics etc. We offer two activities to suit all age ranges. We aim to include a cooking, craft, science experiment, sporting activity such as Archery, football, dodgeball or games from our large sports folder filled with all the children’s favourite games. We also include party nights, pamper evenings, onsite football academy with one of our sports coaches, bake off’s, creative nights and quiz nights.



£11.00 set price until 6:00pm including all adult lead activities and snack tea



To register with School’s Out Club, it is quick and easy online on our website.


Our aim is to support all parent’s at Repton Primary who may need wrap around care therefore we do accept ad-hoc/shift pattern bookings as well as regular set session bookings. Bookings are only accepted in writing therefore via our booking form, email or text message.

We give the children many opportunities to join in different activities at the after-school club but also offer the flexibility for late collections for the children, so they can join in any clubs at school.  


Any further information required please contact us on:


Phone: 07889723694/07984908836


Thank you

School’s Out Club Team