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Continue to practise your weekly spellings regularly throughout the week in order to remain super spellers! 


Please find below your child's weekly spellings to learn. I will ensure that Spelling Shed continues to be updated with the weekly spellings. There are lots of other fun and exciting ways for your children to learn their spellings. Why not try some of the following ideas at home?


- Use materials from your garden (sticks, leaves, grass, stones) to spell out your spellings. 

- Use materials from around your house (paper clips, cutlery, toys, pencils) to spell out your spellings. 

- Put your spellings into a sentence. Challenge yourself- can you make a sentence with only 5 words? 6 words? 10 words?

- Create your own crossword puzzle. 

- Put your spellings into alphabetical order. 

- Write a short story with as many of your spellings in as you can- can you challenge someone at home to do this too?

- Write your spelling word and then try and think of a rhyming word next to each one. 


If you have any problems logging into Spelling Shed please get in contact with me and I will send you your child's username and password.