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Summer - Super Science!

This term our focus will be Science, in particular - Biology!


We have a very busy term for our final one of Year 6. In Science and in our topic of 'Animals Including Humans' we will be looking at the circulatory system and how water and nutrients are transported around our body. In our Science topic of 'Living things and their Environment' we will be looking at classification and micro-organisms.


We will also be having a Science day on Friday 23rd April to look at the Year 5 Animals including Humans unit all about humans develop into old age, as the Eagles missed this very important unit whilst we were in the first Lockdown!


We are going try and make this as hands-on as possible, including hopefully lots of investigations and outdoor learning. 


As well as Science, we will be finishing off our unit all about WW2 based on the picture book 'Rose Blanche' and then we have our production to rehearse, Bikeability amongst lots of other fun, final-term activities.