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Our topic this term is "Minibeasts in my Garden".

Each week we will be exploring a different creature that we might find in our garden.  This week we are looking at frogs.  The English tasks are also related to the topic each week, so please look at this link for activities too.  


Our question this week is "How do frogs grow and change?"



The literacy tasks this week ask you to find out about the life-cycle of the frog and find out different frog facts.


Where do frogs like to live?  Go on a walk or search your garden.  Can you find any frogs?  Why do you think they like cool damp places?  Where do you think the best home for a frog would be?  Why?

If you find a frog, can you take a photo and send it to us?  You could say where you found it?


Art and craft

Draw or paint a picture of a frog in a pond.

Use collage materials of box modelling materials to make a picture or model of a frog.  There are a few ideas attached.  


Watch "Come Outside - Frogs"


Sing the song "5 Little Speckled Frogs".  If you don't know it the youtube link is below:

Frog on a lily pad

Still image for this video