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We are learning 'What do bees do?' this week, through topic and English.


Some activities you could do are:


Make a model of a bee, from a variety of media.

Make a bee from a cardboard tube

Label a bee

Paint pictures of bees

Ask questions about bees, after reading facts (see English plans)


What kind of a creature is a bee? 

What is special about insects? 

What happens to a bee when it stings?

How does a bee carry the pollen?

Taste and find out about honey 

Bee cleaning her antennae

Did you know that a bees sense of smell is 100 times more sensitive than a human's?

as featured on Gizmodo: WOW! Bee's look amazing in slow motion!

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Bee pollen slow motion FlowTM Hive

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How do Bees make Honey? | Beekeeping with Maddie #13

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