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This week we are learning all about spiders.


What do you know already about spiders?  

Here are some questions to look up:

How many legs does a spider have?

How many eyes?

What do spiders eat?

Why do spiders spin webs?

How are the webs so good at catching creatures?

What is the part of the spider called that creates the silk thread for the web?

Where do spiders like to live?

How does a spider look after it's eggs?

What is a baby spider called?


Here are some child friendly websites you can look at to help you find out even more about them.


Please supervise children carefully when using the internet.  


Can you go on a spider hunt around your garden or when you are out on a walk?  How many can you find?  


Spider Spinning Its Web - Close-Up

Watch how this spider spins its web, and how it catches its prey. TUTORIALS: Adobe Illustrator:

Come Outside - Spiders

It's bath day for Pippin and Auntie Mabel finds a spider in her bath. They both go to visit a spider expert, who shows a tarantula to Pippin and Mabel. When ...

Create a collage spider out of a cardboard tube or other items you have around.  Can you give your spider long legs?  You could try folding the paper backwards and forwards in a "concertina" pattern to make the legs move more.  


Spider craft ideas