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wb 7/12/2020

English –  

This week in English we have begun writing our own diary entries based around our book, ‘The Christmas Truce’. At the start of the week, children planned their diaries and once again we used drama activities to support this. Children went into the Forest School area to dig some trenches and used toy soldiers to act out of the events in the book to better understand the characters’ emotions and enhance their writing. It was lovely to see the children outdoors and getting their hands dirty, whilst still demonstrating a clear understanding of soldiers’ experiences during that time. 

Maths – 

During Maths this week, Year 4 have moved on from Multiplication and Division and have had a ‘consolidation’ week. This has included playing and creating fun games and activities to recap multiplication, rounding, the compensation method and counting in 25’s. Children also spent some time focusing on multi-step problems as this prove particularly challenging for pupils! Year 5 this week have continued to focus on Perimeter and Area. Children have looked at working out the perimeter of rectilinear shapes and the area of compound shapes. 

Science –  

The next part of our Circuits unit was looking at electrical conductors and insulators. We planned and conducted our own investigation into whether different materials were electrical conductors or insulators. Children made predictions, collected data, analysed their results and evaluated their experiment! 

Today we rounded off the week with lots of celebrations and festive fun. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas Dinner in the hall and came wearing Christmas Jumpers to raise money for Save the Children.  

Have a fantastic and restful weekend ready for an exciting final festive week of term! 

Mrs Webb