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W/C 01.11.21

What a super week back! 


In maths, we have been adding and subtracting 10s, using our base ten and our column method. Can you show someone at home how we use the column method? Which column do we always start with? 

We then moved on to adding 2-digit and 1-digit numbers together. Can you tell someone what a 1-digit number is? What is a 2-digit number? Can you show someone at home what you can do? We looked at addition calculations where we need to 'cross ten'. For example: 39 + 6. We used our base ten to help us. We started with our ones column and add the ones together. We moved ten 'ones' across to the tens column and saw how many tens we had and how many ones we had after that. Take a look at our work below: 

Using our 'crossing ten' knowledge we then used the column method. Show someone at home how we use the column method to solve these calculations:


In English, we have been learning our new model text. Mrs Kirby had spotted a dragon flying over Repton Primary School over the weekend! We have been imitating a set of instructions on how to trap a dragon! Can you retell the model text to someone at home? Use our story map to help you: 


We have been learning about time conjunctions and imperative verbs. Can you tell someone at home what these are? Can you give some examples from our model text? We sang a song to help us remember what an imperative verb is:


In topic, we have been learning all about the significant impact Florence Nightingale had on Victorian hospitals (and hospitals today!). Can you tell someone at home who Florence Nightingale was and what she did? What were hospitals like during the Victorian era? What are they like now? 


We have also started rehearsing for our Christmas production this week! What a fantastic job they have all done so far, Mr Armishaw and I are so impressed already. 


Have a wonderful weekend everyone smiley