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W/c 02/05/2022

This week has been another busy one in the Puffins class.  We have thought about what our morale will be for our Narrative stories, how we can subtract numbers with different decimal places and played some very good Tennis! 


Our English this week involved us beginning to plan our Narrative stories.  We looked at the morals of different traditional stories and what the special talents or skills of the main character were.  This meant that we had some more ideas when it came to planning our own story and main character.  Some very interesting morals and special talents have been created so I can’t wait to read the stories once the children are finished. 


Maths has seen us looking in more depth at numbers to different decimal places.  The children have looked at both addition and subtraction involving numbers to the same decimal place and different decimal places.  They have worked really hard on this, it has also helped to give them some practice at both column addition and subtraction. 


Our unit for PE this term is Tennis, we saw some brilliant Tennis skills this week.  This included us focusing on making sure our racquet was pointing in the right direction when the ball left it so that we knew were the ball was travelling too as well as making sure that we allowed the Tennis ball to bounce before we returned it.  This meant we had greater control over the ball.  We are preparing ourselves for Wimbledon for sure!


Science has seen us delve more deeply into Light and this week though about how light shines through translucent and opaque materials.  We also thought about how important it is to stay safe in the Sun!


We hope you have a lovely weekend!


Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki