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W.C 02/09/19

Wow, what a fantastic first week back at school! 


We have had lots of fun in Year 2. We have been doing lots of creative 'getting to know you' activities and have been making ourselves at home in our new classroom! We have allocated classroom jobs, created our classroom rules and discussed the expectations of the new academic year. 


We have focused a lot this week on creating a positive mindset for the year ahead. We have completed a lot mindfulness activities and discussed the magic word...'yet'! We created our own Year 2 time capsules with our goals and aspirations inside. We will open these at the end of Year 2 to see how much we have achieved during the year! 


We have also introduced our Autumn topic, 'Heroes and Superheroes'. We discussed what it meant to be a 'superhero' and took part in a 'Superhero Boot Camp'. We completed a variety of tasks which tested our 'super' fitness, 'super' team work and 'super mathematics'. We created our very own superhero identities and designed our own superhero costumes and masks! After completing all of the tasks we graduated from 'Superhero Boot Camp' and were awarded with a superhero certificate! 


We have had lots of fun this week, and can't wait to begin our Year 2 journey as the Owl Class!