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W.C 02.11.20

Welcome back Owls! Well done for a lovely week back blush


In maths, we have continued with our 'addition & subtraction' topic. We have been subtracting 1-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers where we are required to cross 10 (e.g. 63 - 7) using the column method. Can you show someone at home what they would need to do to workout 72 - 8? We have also been learning how to add two 2-digit numbers where no crossing by 10 is required (e.g. 54 + 23) and where crossing by 10 is required (e.g. 36 + 48). Can you show someone at home what you have learnt:


     5 4             3 6

 +  2 3         +   4 8 

   ____          ____


In English, we have been learning a rhyming poem called 'Blast off!'. We have been identifying rhyming couplets and have also been creating our own rhyming couplets in preparation for writing our own poems next week! Can you show someone at home where the rhyming couplets are below:


The rocket hums quietly. The engines now roar.

They check all the buttons, the seats and the door.

For a moment it’s quiet, then whoosh they are gone.

The ground shrinks behind them. The engines power on.

They look out of the window as darkness comes near.

The Earth looks so tiny – there’s nothing to fear.

The planets fly by them – the colours so bright;

Saturn and Jupiter shine in the night.

The stars twinkle brightly still so far away;

Maybe a rocket will reach them one day.


Can you think of your own rhyming couplets?


We have started our new topic this week based on the book 'Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth' written by Oliver Jeffers. At the start of the week we watched a short film called 'Here We Are' based on the Oliver Jeffers book. The film was about a small boy who wants to know everything about the world. The film explored the wonders of the universe and encouraged lots of questions which the children then wanted to explore. Can you tell someone at home what happened in the film? This week we have started by looking in space. We have been learning about the solar system and have been labelling and ordering the planets. Can you tell someone at home the order of the planets closest to the sun? Remember: My Very Education Mother Just Served Us Noodles. 


Have a lovely weekend Owls x