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W.C 03/02/20

A super week in Owls' class! 


In maths, we completed our 'Multiplication & Division' unit. We will continue to work on our multiplication and division knowledge throughout the year. The children have worked really hard during this maths unit and have been really successful as a result! Keep practising your multiplication and division skills at home. We finished by looking at dividing by 10. Can you complete these division sums?

30 ÷ 10 = __

80 ÷ 10 = __

__ ÷ 10 = 5

__ ÷ 10 = 2

Next week, we will be beginning our new unit of work: Statistics. We will be exploring tally charts and pictograms. 


In English, we have been innovating our non-chronological report, 'Castle Defences'. We used our non-fiction toolkit to help edit the model text in order to make it even better. 

Within our SPAG lessons this week, we have been looking at writing in past tense. Can you write the past tense verbs to match:

have - ______

see - ________

go - _________

walk - _______

cycle - _______

run - ________


In topic, we have been exploring and designing our own Bayeux Tapestry. In groups, we have been deigning a section of our class Bayeux Tapestry, beginning with King Edward's death through to the Battle of Hastings and the Norman victory. Can you tell someone at home about the section you have been designing? What colours would you find on Bayeux Tapestry?


This week, we have sent out letters for our school trip to Warwick Castle. If you require another letter please don't hesitate to ask. Alternatively, I have attached the school trip letter to the 'Letters' tab on our class page.  We are really excited for our visit!


Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. 


Only one more week before half-term!


Miss McKenna


The children have been really busy today creating their own classroom castle! 

Picture 1