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W.C 03.05.21

What a busy week we have had! 


In maths, we have started our new topic: Fractions! We have been making equal groups and have been finding half of a number using concrete materials and drawing. Can you find half of the following numbers:

Half of 8 is ____

Half of 20 is ____

Half of 12 is ____

Half of 30 is ____


In English, we went into Forest Schools and explored the environment using four of our senses (smell, sight, hear and touch). We then wrote down lots of adjectives to describe what we found. Can you tell someone at home some of the things you found? How did you describe them? This week, we have also started learning our new model text: The Nut Tree by Julia Donaldson. We will be innovating the poem next week and will be beginning to plan our own poems! Can you tell someone at home what the poem is about? Can you remember some of the poem? See if you can finish off this verse: 

Small, brown, hard and round,

The ...


In topic, we have been exploring food chains! Can you remember a food chain to tell someone at home? Finish this food chain: nut, squirrel , _______


In PE, we learnt some kickboxing moves! Take a look at our pictures! 

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