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W.C 04/11/19

What a fantastic week back!


In maths, we have been learning to add two-digit numbers together using column addition and partitioning numbers into tens and ones. The children have learnt how to use the column method without an exchange (e.g. 23 + 42) and with an exchange (23 + 49). The children have worked really hard. We will continue to practise these this term. Next week, we will be subtracting using the column method. 

Can you show someone at home how you could work out the following addition sums using the column method? Remember, we always start with our ones! 


No exchange:                         Exchange:

   T O                                          T O

   2 3                                           2 3

+ 4 2                                         + 4 9

  ____                                      _____

  ____                                      _____


In English, we have begun our new topic: non-chronological reports. Can you tell someone at home what a non-chronological report is? The non-chronological report we are learning as a class is about Krypto the Super-Dog. Can you remember a fact you learnt about Krypto from our report? Next week the children will be innovating parts of the report in preparation for writing their own non-chronological report about a superhero's pet. 


In topic, we have been learning about the role of a nurse and what makes them real a 'hero' in our community. We have also been learning about Florence Nightingale and all the wonderful work she did to improve hospital conditions. Can you tell someone at home who Florence Nightingale was? What did the soldiers in hospital call her?  


On Thursday morning we had a visit from 'Magical Mayhem'! We had lots of fun making our very own superhero outfits and weapons out of balloons. Later that morning we learnt how to make someone disappear! Can you remember how to do the magic trick? See if you can show someone at home! 

Please take a look in our 'Topic' folder for all of the pictures. 


Well done Owls, you have all worked really hard this week. Have a fantastic weekend!


Miss McKenna