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W.C 05.10.20

Happy Friday! Well done Owls on another wonderful week of learning!


In maths, we have started our new unit: Addition & Subtraction. This week, we have been finding fact families! A fact family can be defined as a group of math facts or equations created using the same set of numbers. The fact family shows the relationships between the three numbers involved. Can you complete this fact family:

4   +  5  =  9

__ + __ = ___

__ - __ = ___

__ - __ = ___


In English, we completed our shared write as a class and within our talk partners. Can you tell someone at home what we changed? Who was the Queen walking with? Where was she walking? What did she lose? Who stole her precious item? This week we have also been looking at subordinating conjunctions (because, that, if, when). Can you complete these sentences using a subordinating conjunction:

I went to the fish and chip shop ___________ I was hungry. 

My mum said I can have my chocolate ice cream  __________ I eat all my dinner. 


In topic, we have been looking at transport from the past and present. We have focused on cars this week. Can you tell someone about the Benz Motor-wagon? What are the similarities and differences between the Benz Motor-wagon and cars we see today?


Have a lovely weekend Owls!