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W/C 05.12.22

We have had a very busy, but great week in the Owls Class!


In maths, we have spent the week consolidating and revisiting parts of our addition and subtraction unit. Show someone at home what you can do:


Complete the number sentences. You can use your tens and ones or your column method:


23 + 5 = ____        46 + 20 = _____      


Complete these number bonds to 10 and the associated facts…


1 + ______ = 10


____ + ____ = 10


6 + _____ = 10


____ + ____ = 10


8 + _____ = 10


____ + ____ = 10


Complete the number sentences. You can use your tens and ones or your column method:


48 + 35 = ____        34 + 26 = _____      


Complete the sentences:


If 7 + 3 = 10, then 17 + _____ = 20



If 10 – 3 = 7, then 20 – 3 = ______


In English, we have been planning and writing our own non-chronological reports. The children did a fantastic job and included lots of interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II. Can you remember any of the facts that you included?


This week, we had our school trip to Newstead Abbey. We had a fantastic day playing with Victorian toys, going into the nursery in the attic, seeing the maid's bedroom, making herb bags in the kitchen, seeing a magic lantern show and playing some Christmas games in the front parlour. What was your favourite part of the day? The children showed respect and pride from start to finish. They asked lots of interesting questions and showed off their wonderful knowledge about the Victorians. Some of the Newstead Abbey staff members commented about how impressed they were with all of their knowledge. Well done, Owls! We are super proud! Take a look at our pictures below:

Key Updates


  • We have a busy week of our Christmas production ahead! On Tuesday, we will be going to the Repton 400 Hall to see the stage and have a little practise. On Thursday, we will be performing to the whole school and on Friday, it is our performance to parents. We very much look forward to seeing you there. The performance will begin at approximately 2:00 pm


  • As a whole school, we are going to go down to St Wystan's Church on Monday 19th December for our Christmas service and you are all invited to join us. We will need some parent volunteers to help our class walk down that morning. We will aim to leave school around 9:15/30 am. If you are available and would like to, please get in contact with me via email ( Thank you!


  • This year, the Year 1 and Year 2 classes are merging together for a KS1 Christmas party. The party will be on Monday 19th December, in the afternoon. To allow us to have some party food and drinks at the party, we are kindly asking if parents could provide a £1 donation towards the cost of this. The class teachers will use the funds to purchase the food for the party. Please could you bring your child’s £1 in by Thursday 15th December. If your child has any specific food allergies or dietary requirements, please can you contact your child’s class teacher.