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W/C 06.03.23

We've had a lovely (but very cold) week in the Owls Class! 


In maths, we have been dividing and multiplying by 2 and 10. Show someone at home what you can do:

Multiplying by 2:


Dividing by 2 (grouping):


Dividing by 2 (sharing):


Multiplying by 10:


Dividing by 10:


We have introduced our new model text in English: Spring is Here. This is a rhyming poem all about spring. At the beginning of the week (when it was much warmer!) we went into the woodland area at school and used four of our senses to describe what we could find. Can you name the senses we used? What did you find? We imitated and boxed up our rhyming poem and searched for the rhyming couplets. Can you remember any of the rhyming words? We then looked at our model text in detail and found the features (rhyming words, adjectives, commas and suffixes). 


In geography, we have been exploring the effects of climate change on Australia. Can you explain to someone at home what climate change is? What is happening to the planet? Tell someone what is happening in parts of Australia because of this. We then explored what we could do to help. 

We also looked at the city of Sydney. We identified the human features of Sydney and used a map to locate them. Can you remember some of the places we looked at? We then compared Sydney to London. Can you remember some similarities and differences between them? Use the statements below to help you:


At the end of the week, we had lots of fun in the snow! Take a look below: