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W/C 06.12.21

One more full week and it is Christmas! Where has the time gone?


First of all, I would like to say a HUGE well done to the Hedgehogs and the Owls for their fantastic performance on Tuesday afternoon. The children performed like real stars and we could not be prouder. We are really thankful to the Repton School team for allowing us to still perform on stage and for filming the performance for everyone to enjoy. It is something that can now be shared and treasured forever. 


As well as all the excitement of Christmas and the performance, we have had a busy week of learning. 


In maths, we have been continuing with our work on money. We have been counting money (pounds & pence), selecting money to make amounts, making the same amount of money using different coins and we have been comparing amounts of money. We have had lots of fun using the money in our classroom to help us. Try the activities below and show someone at home what you can do: 


Count the money: 


Circle the money to make the amount: 


Make the same amount using different coins. How could you make 30p using two coins? How could you make 30p using 3 coins?


Compare the amounts:


In English, we have been planning our own non-chronological reports. Next week, we will be writing a non-chronological report about Queen Elizabeth II. Can you tell someone at home some facts you have learnt about Queen Elizabeth II? Can you tell someone about her family and her royal duties? On Monday, we are going to be writing our non-chronological reports. This is our last 'hot write' before the Christmas holidays! What an achievement- well-done Owls!