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ReptonPrimary School


W/C 07.03.22

Well done on another super week of learning, Owls. 


In maths, we have been making and interpreting pictograms that represent 2, 5 and 10. We have used our times-tables knowledge to help us. Show someone at home what you can do:

We also made and interpreted block diagrams. Show someone at home how to do this:


In English, we have been learning our new model text. It is a non-chronological report all about lions. Can you tell someone at home what a 'non-chronological report' is? We have imitated the model text and thought of our own actions and pictures to help us remember some of the facts. Can you tell someone at home a fact you have learnt about lions? Later on in the week, we then innovated our model text and did some research about our own animal. Can you remember the animal you chose? What facts can you remember? 


In topic, we had an exciting afternoon where we learnt about the Aboriginal community. We were taught some ceremonial Aboriginal dance movements and explored the spiritual stories that inspire them. Later in the week, we continued to look at the effects of climate change. We explored the impact climate change has on The Great Barrier Reef. Tell someone at home how it affects the coral, the fish and people: 


Have a lovely weekend everyone!