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W.C 07.12.20

Happy Friday Owls!


What a fantastic, fun-filled week we have had! On Thursday we had our Christmas party in the hall! We all had a lot of fun dancing and playing games!


In maths, we have completed our money unit! This week, we looked at solving two-step problems and recapped finding the difference and finding the change from an amount! The children have all worked extremely hard during this maths topic. Please continue to practice at home. 


In English, we planned our hot writes. We thought about what we wanted to catch, what we would need to catch it and our instructions to catching the item. We included our time conjunctions, imperative verbs and commas for our list. Can you tell someone at home what you decided to catch? Can you remember your instructions?


In topic, we have been looking at different climates around the world: tropical, warm, temperate and cold. Can you remember some countries which have these different climates? Which climate do we live in? 


We are really pleased to present to you our KS1 Christmas Production. Please click on the link to access it: We are so very proud of all of the children! They have done a fantastic job.


Eddie the Elf has been up to some more mischief this week! Take a look...

Eddie the Elf