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W.C 09.11.20

Well done Owls on a fantastic week of learning! I have received lots of brilliant feedback on how well you have been working. I am super proud! 


In maths, the children have continued with their addition and subtraction work. The week the children have been subtracting two 2-digit numbers without regrouping (e.g. 78 - 43) and with regrouping (e.g. 63 - 37). The children have used their base 10 to help them as well as the column method. They have also been using their number bond knowledge to solve addition and subtraction problems (e.g. 41 + __ = 100. We know 41 + 9 = 50 and 50 + 50 = 100. So 41 + 59 = 100). We can check this using our column method! 

Can you solve these problems:

56 + ___ = 100

100 - 79 = ____


In English, the children have been busy with lots of SPAG activities! They have been learning to identify and use adverbs (e.g. quickly, slowly, happily). Can you tell someone at home what an adverb is? Can you think of an adverb to include in this sentence:

The snake slithered ___________ . 

The stars shone _____________ in the night sky. 

The children have also been looking at forming adjectives with the suffixes -ful, -less, er and -est. 

Can you turn some of these words into an adjective using -ful or -less:

help =

care =

Can you add -er and -est to these adjectives:

tall =

kind =


In topic, the children have been learning about Neil Armstrong! They have been learning about Neil Armstrong's early life and his journey to the moon. Can you tell someone at home who Neil Armstrong is? Would you like to travel to the moon?


This week, we have sent out a letter about the KS1 virtual nativity that will be taking place this year. You will find your child's role written in their reading record book. Please see the letter for more information and return the attached permission slip by Wednesday 18th November.


We are super excited to start recording next week! Please email me if you have any questions. 


What a busy week! Have a lovely weekend! blush