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W.C 09/12/19

This week, KS1 performed their Christmas production, Straw and Order, at the Repton 400 Hall. Mrs Baxter and I are incredibly proud of the children for all of their hard work. You were all fantastic! 


In maths, the children have been finding the differences between two amounts using a number line. Can you find the difference between £35 and £50? Remember to count on from £35 in small steps until you get to £50. Use the line below to help you! 


£35 _________________________________ £50


We have also been solving two-step problems. Can you solve the problem below? Remember, the first step will require you to add the items together. The second part of the problem will require you to take the total amount and subtract it from £50. 


A shirt costs £14 and a dress costs £25.
Yasmin buys the shirt and dress and pays with a £50 note.


How much change does she receive?


In English, we planned our invented stories. The children had some fantastic ideas! Once we completed our plans we wrote the first draft of our stories. We then edited our stories to make them even better. We included similes, adverbs and expanded noun phrases.  Can you tell someone at home what your story was about?


We have one more week left until the Christmas holidays! Woohoo! Have a lovely weekend, ready for a busy, fun-filled week ahead!