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W.C 10.10.21


Wow what a week that we have had! It has been full of excitement and breaking news in the Year 1 classroom as we discovered that King Tutankhamun's mask had been taken from The Cairo Museum in Egypt! Look below to find out more.



We found out on Tuesday morning that there had been some breaking news, King Tutankhamun's mask had been stolen from the Cairo Museum by a thief. The thief left several decoys of masks all around the world and we happened to find one in our forest school. The children were shocked! We then found a letter from the thief explaining his actions. 



We created a story map of the mask so we could describe the mask to all our friends, family and the communities! This is the map that we created, using the Mighty Writer story map that we have in our classroom. 


We created story maps in our books and have used words to describe the mask. We also received a second letter from the thief saying that he had been captured by the Egyptian police, and that he is sorry for his actions and will never do it again. The mask has safely been returned to Cairo Museum. Great work Hedgehogs!


Can you describe Tutankhamun's mask to an adult, using the story map and the picture of the decoy mask to help you? See if you can spot King Tutankhamun's decoy masks anywhere else nearby!



In our Maths learning this week, we have spent the week learning about number lines this week. We learnt that a number line is a helpful tool to help count, add, and to find one less and one more than a number. We have been on fire this week! To practise your number line skills, click on the link below to play an interactive game with using a number line, or go on Maths Shed and you can find a number line quiz! (please click on 0-10) 


Can you draw a number line from 0-10 and include the little steps to show your numbers up to 10?



In our Topic learning this wee, we have been learning all about the lives of Pharaohs in preparation for our meeting with 'Cleopatra' next Wednesday! We learnt about how they are buried in sarcophagus' so they can be with the Gods in the afterlife. We learnt about how they are buried with certain symbols. We learnt about the crook and flail, the ankh, the scarab beetle, the cobra and the cartouche. We learnt about why each one was important to the pharaoh and what they mean for the pharaoh. We even had one brave volunteer pretend to be a buried pharaoh!


Can you spot the 5 symbols on the pharaoh's body below and explain what they mean?


If you are stuck with what they mean - here are some clues that might be able to help you!

  • Protection (scarab beetle)
  • Guide (cobra)
  • Hieroglyphics (cartouche)
  • Caring (crook and flail)
  • Key to heaven (Ankh)


Celebration Assembly

This week I awarded a PRIDE certificate and three leaves. Well done to all those who received an award this week.


What a wonderful week we have had! Have a lovely weekend Hedgehogs.


Mr Armishaw & the Year 1 team.