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W/c 10th October 2022

We have had a brilliant Roman-filled week this It has been filled with old toys, hamburger paragraphs and spotting patterns in number bonds.  Read on to find out more. 


We began our new unit of Non-chronological Reports this week.  We symbol mapped our WAGOLL which focused on old toys and thought about the features of this type of text too.  We then thought in more detail about what paragraphs are and why we use them.  This led to us all creating Hamburger paragraphs.  Why don’t you tell a grown-up that you know about the different sections of the paragraph that you wrote about, some of us even included a side order of chips and tomato ketchup too!

Our Maths this week involved spotting patterns when adding and subtracting.  We looked at what happens when we add the one, 10’s and 100’s to a number, which column in the place value chart changes and why.  Can you tell someone you know what number changes and why?

The most exciting part of this week was our Roman day.  I think you will all agree that the children looked amazing!  We had the best day learning about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and finding out who some of the key players in their History were.  We found out some super facts about the Romans, played a very fun Roman boardgame and even learnt about the Roman’s toilet habits!  We sent silent thanks to the genius who invented toilet paper!! No poo sticks for us!


In the afternoon we learnt about why the Roman army was so successful at invading so many areas, even if there were more of their enemies fighting against them! We learnt about the armour the Roman army had at their disposal and also all of the weapons they all had. We then recreated the great battle between Boudicca and her Iceni Tribe and the Roman Army.  Some super tactics were used by the Romans!  We finished the day off with some super javelin throwing.  I hope you enjoy looking at some of the pictures we took nearly as much as the children enjoyed the day.  We learnt so much about the Romans and it definitely enthused us even more to carry on learning even more as our Topic carries on!

As already mentioned on today’s Parent Hub we are changing the day that we carry out our Spelling test.  Spellings will now be tested and given out on Monday. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Thank you


Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki