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W/C 11.10.21

Another great week of learning! Well done, Owls. We have one more week until half-term! Hasn't that flown by!


In maths, we have started our new maths topic: Addition & Subtraction. Can you show someone at home what the addition and subtraction symbols look like using your arms? We started the week by looking at 'fact families'. Can you tell someone at home what a fact family is? A fact family is a group of calculations that are created using the same three numbers. For example, here is a fact family that uses the numbers 3, 5 and 8:

Can you complete the fact families below? Remember- when we subtract we always start with the biggest number! 

We have also been comparing addition and subtraction calculations. For example:

2 + 10    >     3 + 2

10 + 5    =    14 + 1

7 - 1      <     15 - 2

Using your additional and subtraction knowledge, can you have a go at the reasoning challenge below?


To help us with solving addition and subtraction calculations, we have been practising our number bonds to 10 and 100. Can you show someone at home your number bonds to 100 by using your number bond to 10 knowledge? 


In English, we have been innovating our model text: The Mouse, the Fox and the Gruffalo. We changed our characters in our story. Can you tell someone at home what new characters you chose? We then changed the 'build-up' section of our journey tale using our new characters. Can you retell the build-up section of the story to someone at home using your new characters? 


In topic, we have been exploring what life was like for a woman during the Victorian era. Can you tell someone at home what life might have been like for a woman? Were they treated equally to men? We have been looking at Suffragists and what they did to help women get the vote! In groups, we designed a poster and presented this to the rest of the class and explained why we think women should get to vote! You all did a brilliant job! Take a look at our pictures below!