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W.C 11/11/19

We have been very busy owls this week! 


In maths, we have continued to the use the column method to work out addition and subtraction sums. The children have worked really hard on this! Keep it up! We have also been using our number bonds to 100 knowledge to work out addition and subtraction sums.


Can you work out the missing numbers in these number sentences? Remember to use your number bonds to 100 and number bonds to 10 knowledge to help you work them out! 


70 + __ = 100

100 = __+ 20

35 + __ = 100

100 = 72 + __ 


In English, we have innovated our non-chronological report about Krypto the Super-Dog. We changed Krypto's appearance and used expanded noun phrases to describe what he looks like. Can you tell someone at home what an expanded noun phrase is? Can you remember the expanded noun phrases you used to describe Krypto?


Throughout the week we have focused our afternoon discussions on anti-bullying. We have been exploring what makes us all unique and wonderful! During our computing lesson we have started to create an 'Anti-bullying' poster for the classroom. The children have had some brilliant discussions over the course of the week. We will ensure that we continue to have these discussions throughout the year. 


Our Christmas play rehearsals are well underway! We are really proud of the children's efforts, it is looking fantastic! Next week we will be encouraging the children to try and remember their lines without their scripts. 


Have a wonderful weekend and a well-earned rest, ready for another busy week ahead! 


Miss McKenna