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W.C. 12.7.21

We are on the home stretch Hedgehogs! One more week until a lovely, and well-deserved summers break. The Hedgehogs have worked incredibly hard this week and we have definitely appreciated the sunshine that has come out this week. 



In our Maths learning this week, we have worked on ordering and comparing numbers up to 100. We have learnt words such as smallest, greatest, less than, greater than and equal to to compare numbers. We learnt that we need to look at the tens first before we order numbers, and then we look at the ones if the number of tens are the same. Below is a fun game that we used in class to order 5 numbers. Can you order these 5 numbers?


Or, can you use <, > and = to compare numbers in this game?



In our English learning this week, we decided to stretch our creative brains and be imaginative and plan a story about a Hedgehog... and an owl. As the Hedgehogs are moving into the Owls in September, we thought it would be a nice idea to write a story to Miss McKenna. We have been thinking of adjectives to describe an owl and an hedgehog and we have been coming up with expanded noun phrases. Can you come up with expanded noun phrases to describe the Hedgehog and the Owl. See below for the picture.




In our Topic learning this week, we have been investigators this week and we have been testing materials to see if certain materials are bendy, stretchy, hard, soft, shiny, dull, transparent and opaque. We also did a science experiment where we testing different materials to see which material would be the best for an umbrella. We had a teddy and our mission was to keep him as dry as possible from water, by putting different materials over the teddy and putting drops of water onto the material. This was to see which materials are waterproof and not waterproof. Here are pictures of our experiment below.

Science Experiment

Celebration Assembly

This week, I have gave two leaves, a PRIDE certificate, and 2 wristbands. Well done Hedgehogs!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mr Armishaw & Mrs Wain