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W/c 12th September 2022

We have definitely hit the ground running this week.  We have started all of our work in earnest!  We have looked at expanded noun phrases and learnt about the founding of the Roman Empire in English, Maths has involved counting in 10’s and 100’s and Topic has seen us look at accurate sources


We began our brand new unit of Myths and Legends in English this week.  We read our Model Text which detailed the Myth of the birth of the Roman Empire.  The children created some brilliant text maps detailing the story in symbol form.  We also learnt about adverbs, expanded noun phrases and how we can identify the past and present tense in writing.  Next week will see us begin to create our own Myth or Legend!


In Maths we started our Place Value Unit which this week involved number lines (always a tricky concept right at the beginning of the year), counting in 10’s and 100’s.  The children worked really hard using a variety of different concrete resources as well as even tackling some interesting problem-solving questions.  Super Mathematical thinking this week Puffins. 


Our Romans topic really begun this week as we started thinking about how Romans lived.  We talked about accurate sources of information and how we can decipher what information will help us learn more.  And what information will mislead us.  Some very interesting discussions were had. 


We were incredibly lucky to start our Music lessons this week with two wonderful singing teachers.  Year 3 are getting the opportunity of completing a whole term of singing and I was very impressed this week with how sensible and focused they were.  By the end of the first session they had already learnt half of a song.  Some very musical Puffins! 


We have given out homework today, we will be alternating each week between Maths and English.  Please could you ensure that homework is handed in by Friday each week.  If your child has any problems with their homework please do not hesitate to let me know.  Thank you.


Thank you for working so hard this week Puffins.  You are really stepping up to the challenged of Year 3 and Key Stage 2!


I hope you have a lovely restful weekend,


Thank you

Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki