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W/C 13.09.21

What a week! Well done for another successful week, Owls. 


In maths, we have been comparing numbers to 50. Can you show someone at home the 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal to' symbols with your arms? We have also been counting and representing numbers to 100. We have used our maths resources to help us, such as our base ten, numicon and tens and ones counters.  Have a go at the following challenges and show your adults at home what super mathematicians you are!



In English, we have designed and created our very own pet rocks! We then labelled our pet rocks using adjectives. We even wrote some expanded noun phrases to describe the features of our pet rocks (e.g. big, green eyes). Can you describe your pet rock to someone at home? But, something strange happened towards the end of this week... Mrs Taylor-Day's pet rock, Robbie, went missing! So, Mrs Taylor-Day created a 'Missing Poster' for Robbie and you all helped to find the full stops, capital letters and adjectives. Fingers crossed Robbie returns soon! 


In topic, we have been learning about Queen Victoria! Can you tell someone at home who Queen Victoria is and one fact you learnt about her? On Thursday afternoon, we had a visit from Ms Grimm who taught us all about life as a Victorian child. She was very strict! We learnt about some of the jobs the children had to do during the Victorian era, what school was like and how boys and girls were treated differently. Can you tell someone at home one thing you learnt about Victorian schools? Can you remember some of the jobs the children had to do? Take a look at our pictures to see what you got up to! 


Have a brilliant weekend everyone!