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W.C. 13.6.22

We have had a phenomenal week this week! We have had our WoW science week, this week where we have done lots of investigations in relation to our lessons on plants, and we had our little trip to the 'Little Garden' which was not so little! Look below for pictures of our activity, and some challenges of our learning below.



In our Maths learning, the children have been continuing their learning up to 100. This week, we have been focusing on comparing numbers up to 100 by looking at the number of tens to work out which number is bigger. If the number of tens is the same, we then look at the number of ones instead! We also looked at ordering numbers up to 100 as well from smallest to greatest, and greatest to smallest. We then had a look at finding one more and one less than a number, by using a number square to help us if we are struggling. We learnt that for most numbers, you change the ones digit, but for some numbers, the tens digit changes as well! Here are some games you can do to consolidate the learning that we have done.


Comparing Numbers up to 100 -

Ordering Numbers -

One more and One less -


Could you have a go at this tricky missing number challenge? Use your knowledge of one more and one less, and remember that this may involve adding 10 more or finding 10 less!




In our English learning this week, the children have been innovating the story of the Storm Whale. We all thought of some great ideas as to how we could innovate the resolution of the Storm Whale. We decided as a class to change;

The dad returning home and finding Noi hiding a whale. -> Noi's cats scratched the whale and broke the bath, causing the house to flood and Noi to call his dad for help. We then wrote a piece of writing about this new innovated part and we collectively thought of words that we could use to help us. Today, we started to plan our own invented stories, ready to write up for next week!


Can you have a go at writing some sentences about our innovated part of the Storm Whale? Use the picture below to help you!



In our Science learning this week, the children have been doing a lot of investigations this week! On Monday, we were identifying wild plants in sealed bags and had to work out the name of each wild flower, and write a description about each one. Then on Tuesday, we learnt about garden plants and the different varieties of plants that there are. What is the difference between a garden plant and a wild plant? Then on Thursday we had our exciting day out at Mrs Little's Garden. It was not so little! We went to explore all the fantastic flowers and the interesting parts of her garden, as part of a flower hunt scavenger hunt. Here are some pictures below of the flowers we saw.



The pictures don't do the garden justice!


On Friday, we also went around our school to invesitgate the different trees that we have in our Forest School. We learnt that there are evergreen and deciduous trees in our environment. Evergreen trees are trees whose leaves stay around all year around, whilst deciduous trees start to lose their leaves in Autumn and completely lose them in Winter. Here are photos taken of our tree hunt and the leaves we found. Can you remember what trees you found? Were there more deciduous or evergreen trees?

I have been so impressed with all the children's behaviour this week. Mrs Wain has had an operation but she will be back soon and we wish her a speedy recovery! Well done Hedgehogs!


Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team