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W/C 14.03.22

Week 3 of the half-term is complete! The weeks are flying by!


In maths, we showed our reasoning and arithmetic knowledge by completing some assessment papers. We all tried super hard! Take a look at the assessments attached. 

Towards the end of the week, we started our new topic in maths: Shape. We familiarised ourselves with the 2D and 3D shapes we learned in Year 1. Can you name these shapes?


In English, we completed our 'hot writes'. We used our plans from last week to help us write a non-chronological report about an Australian animal. Can you remember a fact about your animal?

We also completed some reading papers and SPAG papers. Take a look at them below. 


In topic, we learnt about the history of Australia. Can you tell someone at home a little bit about each part of the Australian timeline we looked at?


This week, it has also been 'Science Week'! The theme this year was 'Growth'. First, we looked at the growth of humans and what we need in order to grow into healthy adults. In groups, we created our own PE game to help get the blood pumping around our bodies. Can you tell someone at home about the game you created? Then, we looked at the growth of germs. We completed the 'glitter germ' experiment and the 'pepper germ' experiment. Can you tell someone about these experiments and what you found out? Finally, we looked at the growth of plants. What does a plant need to help it grow? Can you tell someone at home about the experiment we completed? What happened to the flower that went into food colouring?


What a busy week! Have a wonderful weekend!