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W.C 14.09.20

What another fantastic week we have had in the Owls Class! 


In maths, we have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones using a part-whole model. We have been using concrete materials (base ten) and have been drawing pictorial representations to help us partition our numbers. Can you partition the number 67 into a part-whole model? We have also been using the addition symbol to express numbers to 100. Can you write four number sentences for the number 67?

____ + ____ = _____

____ + ____ = _____

____ = ____ + _____

____ = ____ + _____


In English, we have been busy innovating the model text. As a class we decided to change the sneaky swan to a mischievous owl called Darkclaw. We then wrote some sentences to describe him! Can you remember some adjectives you used to describe Darkclaw? We have also been learning about expanded noun phrases. Can you tell someone at home what an expanded noun phrase is? 

Noun phrase: 'the troll'

Expanded noun phrase 'the big, green troll'. 

Can you complete the expanded noun phrases below?

The __________ , __________ owl. 

He has ___________ , __________ eyes. 

He has ____________ , __________ feathers. 


In topic, we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II. Can you tell someone at home what facts you have learnt about the Queen?

When is her birthday? Does she just have the one birthday?

What is her favourite dog? 

How many children does she have?

What did she do during the second world war?


Today, we had our first 'virtual' celebration assembly! It was really lovely to see everyone and celebrate everyone's successes! 


Have have a lovely weekend!


Miss McKenna