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W.C. 14.3.22


We have had a fantastic week this week! Well done Hedgehogs! It has been a busy week with having British Science Week but we have had a fantastic week experimenting with our height and with salt! Look below to find some pictures of our experiments!



In our Maths learning this week, we have been learning about how we can represent numbers from 1 to 50 in different ways. We have been part-whole modelling numbers to 50 as well and we have been partitioning two-digit numbers into tens and ones. Can you work out what the numbers are below?

You can have a go at partitioning numbers up to 50 using the website below;



In our English, we have been very creative this week and we have been creating our own stories based on the story of "The Giraffe and the Elephant". We created a plan for our story and then we worked in pairs to improve Mr Armishaw's plan. We came up with sentence starters to make our stories exciting. Then on Thursday, we wrote up our HOT WRITES. I was so impressed with the writing and the ambitious writing. Well done Hedgehogs. Can you tell your grown-ups what your story was about? What characters were involved? What happened to one of those characters?



Throughout this term we have been learning all about Kenya. This week, we have been learning about the history of Kenya and how Kenya was discovered. We acted out the history of Kenya in small groups, and then sequenced events in chronological order. The events are below. Can you tell your grown-up about the history of Kenya?


British Science Week

We have had an exciting week by doing lots of practical experiments! This year, the theme is "Growth" and in class, we discussed what that word meant to us. To many of the children, the children talked about height, so we did an investigation to see whether the older children in the class were the tallest. We created a cube tower to measure our heights and we measured ourselves. We found out that actually, it didn't matter if you were the oldest in the class, everyone grows at different rates! 

We also did an experiment to see how other things in the world grow. We learnt that even crystals grow! So we decided to investigate whether it was possible to grow crystals. What we did is we added salt to a cup, and some warm water. We stirred to dissolve the salt and then we added food colouring. We then left it in the fridge and we hope to see if crystals have formed next week! Here are some pictures of our children working in teams!

What a great week Hedgehogs! Well done for all your hard work!


Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team