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W.C 14.9.20

We have had another amazing week in the Hedgehogs class. The Hedgehogs have done an amazing job of following routines and our class behaviour rules this week. We have done a lot of fantastic work this week so read below to see what we have been doing.



This week in our English learning, we created a story map for the book that we have been reading called “Oi! Get off our train!” by John Burningham.  The children loved helping Mr Armishaw think of pictures to draw for the story map and they were very good at reciting the story back to him and Mrs Wain! There is a picture below of our story map. Can you retell the story to a grown up, by using the story map? We then learnt the story by using actions. The children loved pretending to be animals! Can you show a grown up your actions for the following animals: an elephant, a seal, a crane, a tiger and a polar bear? We are really getting our teeth into the book and the children love re-reading the story.


This week in our Maths learning, we have been practicing our counting and sorting. We played a game in our class where we had to throw 10 double sided counters up in the air. We then had to sort the 10 counters into two groups, reds and yellows, depending on which way the counters landed. We then put them on our ten frames to help us count them. We also talked about how we could sort objects in different ways. Below is a picture of 9 houses. How could you sort these houses into groups? Talk with your grown up and see if you can cut them and sort them into groups!


In our Topic learning, we have continued our learning all about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. We looked at what other animals were herbivores, omnivores and carnivores and the different foods that these animals may eat!


Celebration Assembly

We had our very first virtual celebration assembly this week. The children behaved beautifully throughout the entire time, even with technical difficulties! This week, Mr Armishaw gave two leaves out and one RESPECT certificate out! Well done to those children who received these awards. I wonder who will get a certificate or a leaf next week!


Well done Hedgehogs, a brilliant week!


The Hedgehog Team