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W.C 15.03.21

Wow! What a super week we have had!


In maths, we have been continuing to explore 2D shapes. We have been counting the sides and the vertices on 2D shapes. Can you tell someone at home how many sides and vertices some of these shapes have? A triangle, an octagon, a square, a hexagon and a pentagon. We have also been drawing 2D shapes and finding vertical lines of symmetry!


In English, we have been exploring persuasive writing! Can you tell someone at home something you might say in a piece of persuasive writing? (I will give you one to start with... 'you must'). We have been learning all about Javan rhinos. Can you tell someone at home a fact you can remember? Over the next couple of weeks we will be exploring persuasive writing and will be creating our own piece of persuasive text to help save critically endangered animals, like the Javan rhinos. 


In topic, we have been looking at climate change. Can you tell someone at home what climate change is? We have also been exploring the effects of climate change on the world. Can you tell someone at home one of the effects of global warming? 


This Friday, we had our talent show for Red Nose Day! What an incredible show it was, full of lots of wonderful talent! Please find our pictures below!


Have a wonderful weekend!