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ReptonPrimary School


W/C 15.11.21

What a week we have had! 


On Monday, we all came to school with our odd socks on to celebrate our differences. We talked about being kind to one another and made some anti-bullying posters. You will find some of these around the school. 


On Friday, we came to school in our pyjamas and raised lots of money selling cakes for Children in Need. We had a brilliant day and had lots of fun! 


In maths, we have recapped our addition and subtraction work. The children have worked really hard with this. Remember, to always check if we are crossing ten. Show someone at home what you can do: 



In English, we have been writing lists using commas. Can you show someone at home what you can do? Remember, we always put 'and' for the last thing on our list.


At the zoo I saw lions and zebras and giraffes and monkeys.  


We looked at command sentences and questions. Add a full stop or a question mark to each of these sentences to make them commands or questions:


We also learnt about exclamation and statement sentences. Add a full stop or an exclamation mark to each of these sentences to make them statements or exclamations:


In topic, we have continued to explore George Stephenson's 'Rocket'. In groups, we wrote our own newspaper reports telling people all about it. Can you tell someone at home a fact you have learnt?