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W.C. 15.3.21

We have had a fantastic week this week full of new and exciting learning! Well done for your continued fantastic work Hedgehogs!



In Maths this week, we have finished our work on Place Value and our numbers up to 50. We have learnt this week how to compare numbers using <, > and = symbol. We then also learnt how to order numbers from greatest to smallest, and from smallest to greatest. We even learnt how to use crocodiles to order numbers as well!  Can you order these numbers from smallest to greatest?

25                  32                 18

13                  41                 22

36                  33                 30

44                  41                 42

19                  49                 50



In English, we have continued to remember the story map for "How to defeat a fire monster". This week, we have also focused on learning what a verb is. A verb is a 'doing' word, a type of action. Can you write down any verbs that you have learned about? Maybe you can think of your own verbs! We then looked at what time conjunctions are. We used the time conjunctions, first, secondly, next, after that, and finally to order events. Can you write the instructions for how to defeat a fire monster, using time conjunctions? If you can, bring your work in and I will give you some house points for your fantastic week. 



In topic, we revisited the jobs that were around in 1666. We then looked at the story of the Great Fire of London. We acted the story of the Great Fire of London out and we then created a story map of the Great Fire of London. The children loved hearing all the facts about the Great Fire of London! Can you tell a grown up the events that led to the Great Fire of London? Maybe you could answer any of these questions;

- How many people died?

- Where did the fire start?

- Who wrote about the Great Fire of London?

- What caused the fire?

- How did the fire stop?
- What did the fire damage?


Fantastic work this week Hedgehogs, well done!

Red Nose Day - On Friday, we had a dance competition and party as a way of celebrating Red Nose Day. We had lots of fun! Here are some photos of our dancing.