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W.C 23.11.20

A super week of learning in the Owls Class! 


In maths, we have been counting money (notes and coins), selecting money to make amounts, making the same amount using different coins and notes and comparing different amounts of money. The children have all worked extremely hard! We used our column addition knowledge to find out the totals of amounts. Can you work out these total amounts?


£56 + £21

31p + 65p


In English, we have been looking at instruction writing. We have been looking at the instructions on ‘how to catch a star’. Can you tell someone at home how to catch a star? We have been looking at time conjunctions such as ‘first’, ‘then’, ‘next’ and ‘finally’ and imperative verbs (bossy verbs!) such as ‘put’, ‘catch’ and ‘make’. We have also been writing lists using commas. Can you change my list so that it has commas instead of lots of ‘ands’:


I went to the shop and I bought: an apple and a banana and a bottle of water and crisps and a sandwich.


In topic this week, we have been looking at another great explorer: Christopher Columbus! The children acted out the scenes of his famous voyage. Can you talk someone through each of the scenes below?


Well done Owls for another brilliant week! See you all on Monday x

Group 1

Group 2